Facilities and Laboratories
The CIMS building at RIT houses many programs and centers that share CIMS' research bays, laboratories, and training facilities. These include the National Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery (NC3R), the Systems Modernization and Sustainment Center (SMS), the Sustainable Systems Research Center (SSRC), the Center for Excellence in Lean Enterprise (CELE), the Manufacturing Technologies Program (MT), the Imaging Products Laboratory (IPL), the Occupational Safety and Ergonomics Excellence Program (OSEE), and CIMS Training Programs. These centers and programs also have access to several laboratories that are hosted in the CIMS building for other RIT programs in addition to the numerous facilities located throughout RIT's campus.
World-class training and applied technology facilities
CIMS occupies 170,000 square-feet of laboratory and office space and support solution developments in 6 large, flexible manufacturing bays; more than 20 specialized technology-based laboratories; and a 10-room, 400-seat conference and training facility equipped with video, Ethernet, and teleconference capabilities. At CIMS, industries can train and upgrade their workforces, obtain high-quality technical assistance, and gain hands-on experience with the newest technologies from applied R&D to pre-production.

Companies can lease space to conduct research and development projects without the interruption of daily activities and can also rent space for one-time conference activities or meetings.

Six large, flexible manufacturing bays in the CIMS facility provide suitable space for project work as well as long-term program development. Activities hosted in the bay areas include:
  • Hands-on training seminars
  • Large system disassembly and re-engineering
  • Manufacturing process development and evaluation
  • High-volume offset lithography and digital printing
  • Product evaluation


The CIMS facility is home to more than 20 laboratories, including:

Imaging Products Laboratory (IPL)
Imaging Products Laboratory houses a wide array of commercially-available as well as customized tools and equipment. IPL also has access to specialized laboratories throughout Rochester Institute of Technology and the Institute's 60 years' experience in imaging and printing. The Laboratory's programs include quality assurance programs, components analysis, image quality evaluation, media performance evaluation, and systems evaluation.

IPL's inkjet cartridge evaluation laboratory performs scientific testing of cartridge yield and image quality, such as competitive performance evaluation, statistical design-of-experiments process optimization, and electrical continuity.

Integrated Diagnostics and Prognostics Laboratory
The Integrated Diagnostics and Prognostics Laboratory is used to develop components, software, and integrated systems for the evaluation and implementation of diagnostics technology for in-the-field environments. Capabilities include: development of signature analysis techniques, embedded software development, computer aided circuit design, circuit board fabrication and functional testing, electrical component assembly, system integration, and system prototype testing.

Materials Engineering Laboratory
The Materials Engineering Laboratory staff of engineers and technicians analyzes how the physical and mechanical properties of components meet desired design characteristics. Capabilities include tensile, fatigue, and hardness testing; heat treating; failure analysis using optical and scanning electron microscopy techniques; metallography; and material restoration.

Design Capture/Metrology Laboratory
When products are recovered from end-of-life, specifications, such as material requirements and dimensional tolerances, are often unavailable. The Design Capture/Metrology Laboratory is equipped with instruments to accurately reconstruct missing product information to enable the remanufacturing process. Other capabilities include coordinate measuring and non-contact optical gauging.

Systems Performance and Reliability Laboratory
The Systems Performance and Reliability Lab houses a Dynamometer Test Stand, used for the power-train component testing of transmissions, gearboxes, and differentials. Life-cycle/durability testing, failure mode evaluation, prognostics development, and qualification/performance testing are performed on these components.

Workplace Ergonomics Laboratory
Effective ergonomic design of workstations and offices can contribute greatly to individual productivity, performance, and comfort. The Workplace Ergonomics Laboratory (WEL) offers ergonomic training, assessments, and resources. Offerings include RIT employee training (awareness training and training for departments), RIT workstation evaluations (our staff will evaluate your workstation and make suggestions/recommendations), and a product library (chairs, keyboard trays, task lighting, document holders, foot rests). For more information, call the WEL at (585) 475-5807.

Other Laboratories
CIMS also hosts several laboratories associated with other areas of RIT including:

Conference & Training Facility
State-of-the-art, technologically equipped classrooms
At CIMS you will find state-of-the-art classrooms used for our training programs. The classrooms are equipped with the latest instructional equipment including video, internet, Ethernet, and teleconference capabilities. For more information, call CIMS at (585) 475-5101 or toll-free (866) 490-4044.


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